Following Jesus in Wartime

in: overig (Feb, 20, 2023)

We’re told the only options in Ukraine are military escalation or appeasing a dictator. Where does that leave followers of the Prince of Peace?

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Poor People Don’t Need Help

in: overig - (November 14, 2022)

Where rich and poor come together, there is the kingdom of God, says Ugandan bishop Zac Niringiye. That’s quite different from pity, charity, or aid.

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Back to reality

in: overig - (July, 8, 2022)

The good life is found in stubborn reality, in poor neighborhoods and dirty gardens, in the thick of life in community.

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Now available in English

in: blog (August, 2021)

I proudly present my new book, Hyperreality, published in the United States by Wipf&Stock.

For a pdf version of De geluksmachine in Dutch, click here.

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Politicians Hijack Macedonia

in: Inter Press Service English (April 14, 2017)

The political crisis in Macedonia is deepening. With the president and former coalition preventing the formation of a new government, the state threatens to disintegrate in a climate of corruption and nationalism.

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Big Davids, small Goliaths

in: overig - The New Internationalist (June 2016)

Huge transnational companies – many wealthier than entire countries – are using Investor-State Dispute Settlements to claim billions in lost profits from governments whose laws ‘damage’ their business. ISDSs are currently making headlines as part of the nefarious TTIP and TPP trade deals. But they have been around for longer, and there are many players making a lot of money from them.
Frank Mulder, Eva Schram and Adriana Homolova meet the winners and losers in a one-sided game.

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Oil giants punish Venezuela through Dutch treaty

in: Inter Press Service English (January 4, 2016)

Venezuela doesn't want investment treaties anymore if they give investors the right to drag the country before a commercial court. "The system has been set up to break down the nation-state."

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French firm attacks Ugandan tax using ISDS

in: Inter Press Service English (December 25, 2015)

The heavily criticized legal mechanism, known as ISDS, is an important tool for European companies to pressurize developing countries. This year Uganda joins the rank of developing nations asking themselves: "Why have we ever signed this?"

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Companies sue developing states through Western Europe

in: Inter Press Service English (December 21, 2015)

Many Europeans fear TTIP, because it could enable American companies to file claims against their states. The strange thing, however, is that Western Europe is becoming a big hub in this mechanism, called ISDS, leading to billion dollar claims against poorer countries.

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Lessons for agriculture from the movie Speed

in: - Thought for Food, Oxfam and Hivos (February 2014)

We are rapidly changing agriculture into a worldwide food machine. But is food the only goal of agriculture? It seems that the means we've chosen are undermining the original ends. That's a classical mistake, and it reminds me of the bus in the old movie Speed. I wrote this essay for Oxfam and Hivos, two development organisations.

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Now available in English



Goed doen of vrij worden?
23 Mei 2024

Sommige mensen noemen me een idealist, maar er is iets mis met die term. Ik praat erover door met Bram Kalkman, van de website Holy Hub.

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Podcast Filosofie over Ellul
03 Mei 2024

Voor de Podcast Filosofie had ik een mooi gesprek over leven en denken van Jacques Ellul. Een stoomcursus Ellul in 45 minuten!

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